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Testimonials (via LinkedIn)

KerryKerry Moore

Assistant in Traffic and Programming – Milwaukee PBS

I worked with Kami at Milwaukee Area Technical College. The role wasn’t well defined when she started, but Kami knew exactly what direction the department needed to be led. She took minimal data, and older systems and was able to not only provide the information that the leadership asked for, but also the information that they didn’t even know they needed. If asked to describe her, I’d say she is professional, polished and tenacious. She helped bring to fruition, ideas that had been bounced around for many years. It was a pleasure to work with her, as she loves to share her knowledge and will break it down to your level of understanding.


Carriel Danz

Grant Coordinator at Milwaukee Area Technical College

Ms. Hall worked in the Data & Research Department at MATC as a Data Analyst Specialist, mainly under the INTERFACE Grant. As the Coordinator for the Grant, and her direct supervisor, I can attest to her seriousness, dedication and professionalism. At the same time, she was tolerant and open-minded about ideas and philosophies that may have conflicted with her own. Ms. Hall has excellent interpersonal, verbal and communication skills. During the time I have known her, Ms. Hall has amply demonstrated both her competence as a Data Analyst and her dedication to her work. Additionally, she has shown a lot of initiative and interest in promoting student success. In terms of her work relations, I would characterize Ms. Hall as a very willing and cooperative team player who gets along well with her co-workers. She had shown herself to be very dedicated to students, faculty, and staff within the institution. Carriel E. Danz, Grant Coordinatore Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee, WI.

JaneJane Stacy

Event Planner, Communications Professional, and Project Management Professional

I have known Kami for many years, and have experienced first-hand her vast knowledge, impressive work ethic, attention to detail, and compassion. She is a dedicated employee with a firm grasp on current fund development best practices. Kami expertly works with organizations and donors to combine both organizational profitability and donor sustainability. She is a team player dedicated to promoting the mission of the organization. Kami is a rising star in the development community.

SamanthaSamantha Smart Merritt

Freelance Writer, Editor, Researcher at Thought Leading

Kami brings a tremendous amount of professionalism to her work. She is both detail oriented and connected to the larger strategic focus of the mission. I have never worked with anyone so talented at managing data, creating reports, organizing systems and aligning a team goal-oriented environment with measurable results. Beyond her significant experience in constituent management systems, Kami has expertise in graphic design and communications, nonprofit management and sociopolitical analysis. In my long career and work with dozens of nonprofit professionals, Kami rises to the top of all my acquaintances as both a highly accomplished professional and wonderful, insightful human being.

MichaelMichael K. Gause

Learning & Development Professional committed to strategic learning, training, communications, and change management

Kami and I began working at VOA-MN around the same time, and I was immediately impressed with her positive attitude toward the work we would be doing in External Relations. It was no time at all before Kami’s data analysis and coordination skills were readily apparent. Every day Kami brought her A-Game with her positivity and her willingness to share vital fundraising data with the group in ways that made our jobs easier. I have no doubt Kami would bring immediate value to any organization lucky enough to have her.

 Tom Walsh

Data Analyst at Milwaukee Area Technical College

I worked with Kami at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Kami demonstrated the ability to quickly gain an understanding of stakeholder needs by listening and asking the right questions. She worked with the Grants Department to administer funds and meet reporting retirements. She could have done the minimum in her role to just get reports in on time. However, she took the initiative to help establish processes that made implementation, data collection, and reporting more efficient. I could count on Kami to do her part at a high level.

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